As a new author, we aim to serve all of your self-publishing needs. Our team serves as your editor, your publisher, your writing coach, and your marketing consultant. We bring our expertise to the table to make self-publishing as straightforward as possible.

Our hands-on service packages are designed to make sure you get to the finish line with your book in one hand and incoming book sales in the other!

Please see what we have to offer below. (Contact our team today to find out which service package is right for you and to inquire about pricing.)


“The Author’s Depot” Package

This is our full-service, ONE-STOP SHOP that combines everything from our “Publisher’s Boutique” and “Marketing Spotlight” packages to help you go from start to finish.

We help you flesh out the idea for your book and hold you accountable during the book writing process. Next, we take the book off your hands to take care of all the “techy” parts like editing, formatting, and finally publishing your book. Even before we deliver the finished product, we walk you through your marketing strategy for book signings and social media promotions. Your book will be set to gain traction and build sales revenue. We will even offer a guest spot for you on our podcast if it is relevant and applicable to your situation!

With this all-inclusive package, you will receive everything you need to get your book off the ground and onto the world’s stage.


“Publisher’s Boutique” Package

For some, getting over the first hurdle of simply finishing the writing portion of their books is a lot to handle both emotionally and mentally.

This is why we have crafted the perfect package focused primarily on helping you get your book written and published. If you feel you already have the marketing aspect down pat, then this is the package for you.

This package includes:

  • Editing (spelling, punctuation, grammar and overall content flow).
  • Weekly writing and accountability check-ins.
  • Formatting of content for paperback and Kindle.
  • Publisher account set-up (includes obtaining an ISBN, creating a copyright page, and resolving common publishing issues that may occur).
  • Book cover formatting (actual cover design is not included--if you need help getting a book cover designed, we would be more than happy to refer you to one of our preferred partners).


“Marketing Spotlight” Package

Have you already written and published your book, but your book launch fell flat? Or, maybe you just aren't seeing the sales you had hoped for?

Marketing your book can be overwhelming, especially with all the “how-to” guides available on Google.

With this package, we help you make a plan to ignite sales and take the guesswork out of marketing. Our customized marketing strategy will ensure your book gets into the hands of the people who need it most.

This package includes:

  • Our Best-Seller Road Map (Includes pre-launch and launch blueprint to get your book to the top of the New Release and Best-Seller lists).
  • Set-up of Author Central page on Amazon.
  • Marketing planning and assistance for getting featured on podcasts (including our own! [insert link to podcast here]).
  • Book trailer customized for your book.
  • "Booked to the Max" e-book FILLED with 30 different book marketing ideas.
  • Social media calendar provided with instructions to help market your book effectively.
  • Book review featured on all of CLC Publishing’s social media channels.
  • Press release created for you.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins.

Contact us to inquire about the pricing of the service packages you feel fits your needs best.


Customized Solutions

If you aren't sure exactly what you need, or feel your needs fall outside the packages we offer, we will create a custom service package for you. Complete our contact form so we can connect with you to create a customized plan just for you!