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In a time when politics moves to opposite extremes in a runaway exodus from civility and reason, America finds itself on the razor's edge.

A complex and troubled man loses the only two things tethering him to society and his personal tragedy becomes a rallying cry for the push of the most divisive political fight since the Civil War. Political differences escalate into acts of violence within eyesight of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Chaos erupts at the flashpoint of intolerance.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a small group of Americans decide to take action when the power players in D.C. make the conflict a little too personal. Military leaders find themselves at odds within their own ranks. In this dystopian vision of what ambitious politicians have in mind for America, sometimes the people pulling the strings are not necessarily in the public eye.

How will those left to fight for the survival of the United States survive in a modern world of constant surveillance and state of the art military capabilities? This work of speculative fiction by Matthew H. Whittington will keep you turning the pages as America is torn apart from within.

Matthew Whittington

Matthew H. Whittington - Author

Matthew H. Whittington was born in Toppenish, Washington in 1975, where his earliest education derived from following his dad around as he worked on a farm. Life and career took his family to the small town of Arlington, WA just north of Seattle in the '80s.

In 1994, Matthew passed on university life to join the Marine Corps. After 6 years, he returned to civilian life and eventually found his way to Mustang, Oklahoma.

His first writing credit came as a contributing author in "Walk with Warriors", an anthology of veteran stories released in July 2017. Matthew's first full book, "Forgiven", was released in 2019. "Forgiven" is a story of redemption that was well-received within the recovery community.

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