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Our Story

Established in 2015, CLC Publishing was created from the lens of high ethics and moral values to give new authors a safe place to create and develop their story without compromising their art.

It all started when CLC’s founder, Shannon Whittington, entered the publishing industry in 2008 as an acquisitions editor for a hybrid publishing company. She loved connecting and building relationships with the authors because she could see the drive and passion they all had for their stories.

The authors she befriended started to confide in her, confessing that they had received little to no help from the publishing company when it came to publishing and marketing their books. Shannon could clearly see how much the authors desired for more guidance and more involvement in the publishing process. She decided to resign from her job and founded CLC Publishing, with the intention of giving authors all the help they need.

Shannon soon came into contact with numerous authors whose books had become “orphaned” on Amazon after publishing with companies that had shut down, or gone out of business. These authors had no choice but to find a way to republish their books and did not know where to start.

Some of the authors approached Shannon to see if she could rectify the situation. After she successfully republished their books through the self-publishing process, word spread like wildfire to other authors who had found themselves in similar situations.

CLC Publishing has now helped over 100 new authors to publish or republish their books, with quite a few rising to the top of the bestsellers’ and Top New Release lists.

CLC Publishing is all about transparency, cooperative teamwork and doing everything we can to help you tell your story the way you want to. We will show you how to publish your book, prepare you for a successful book launch and get you ready for incoming sales. Think of us as your editors, publishers, literary agents and marketing consultants all-in-one.

Your book is all about you and your story. Not about us. That’s why we will hold your hand through the self-publishing process without ever taking royalties. As a new author, you will always maintain creative freedom and control of your own work so you can tell your story the way it needs to be told.

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