Launching your book and reaching best-seller status does not have to be hard. But it IS work!

Many authors spend months and even years writing their books. Perfecting every sentence, developing the story and characters. Hiring an editor. Working to get the just-right book cover. They go through the pains of getting the book published.

And then…

Nothing. Sure, they may make a couple social media posts and tell a few friends. Maybe even some family members. But when those 20 people don’t rush to buy their book, the author gets stuck in their feelings and just stop.

If they’re lucky, they do a book signing at a local store and sit there, wondering where all the people are.

What people? Who knew about the event? Who knew about your book? Probably not many people – I mean, isn’t it the job of the store to get the word out?

Look, you’re not Stephen King. This doesn’t mean you’re not an exceptional writer. What it means is you are not yet a household name. And until you are, my friend, you must work to get people to take notice!

I started out talking about a book launch, and then I digressed. I did so to point out that being an author is work. You don’t get to just write it and forget it, hoping people stumble upon it and buy your book, then complain when that doesn’t happen. You especially don’t get to do this when you release your book!

Here are the 8 steps to a successful book launch:

  1. Create a “super fan” Facebook Group.
  2. Get 100+ people to join your Facebook Group.
  3. Set participation expectations for your Super Fans
  4. Post at least twice per week in your group as you finish your book
  5. 30 days prior to launch, post EVERY day
  6. Have your Super Fans share your daily posts for 30 days
  7. Have your Super Fans pre-order the Kindle version of your book during the 30-day push
  8. Launch Day! Day 30. This post needs to include the Amazon purchase link for your paperback book so all those thousands of people who have been seeing daily posts now know it’s available for sale.

That’s it! If you work this plan, and work it well, you will have successful book launch. You will also have a great chance at hitting a best-seller list. There are other details that need to be covered to help hit best-seller, but this will definitely help you get there!

One last thing…a week or two after launch day, reach back out to your Super Fans and ask them to please leave a review on Amazon about your book. Hopefully, you’re still engaging with them in the Facebook group.

Want more details about the launch formula? You can get my free e-book here: 8 Steps to a Successful Launch