Why on Earth Did I Start a Publishing Company?


I’ve always loved books and reading. For as far back as I can remember. Even as a kid, I would go so far as to read the back of shampoo bottles in the shower, just to be reading. How it took me so long to realize this should be incorporated into my career life, I’ll never know.

A few years back, I worked for a vanity press publisher. I learned a LOT working for that company, but the most important takeaway for me was learning what was missing.

You see, I worked in Acquisitions. My entire job was to review manuscripts and offer a contract to the author for publishing. So many authors were scared, confused about the process and really just had no idea how to proceed. They needed help, yet there was no one to help them. I was working for someone else, so I was required to work within the description of my job. I couldn’t help them.

This went on for too long before my husband and I decided to make the leap – into business ownership!

It wasn’t easy, but I left my job and started my own company…Creative Literary Consultants, LLC.

Finally!! I could offer the help so many authors were needing! I could help them get started, I could give feedback on their writing, I could offer all the services of a vanity press/self-publishing company, but I could now change the rules! I couldn’t WAIT!

And change the rules I did! For less than what most self-publishing companies charge, I would help authors every step of the way and —- wait for it —- NEVER take a PENNY in royalties from the author.

You see, what a lot of authors don’t realize, is when they work with any level of non-traditional publisher, they typically lose royalties to the distributor (ie: Amazon or IngramSpark) AS WELL AS the publisher!

This never seemed right to me. The distributor – that makes sense. Like any wholesaler, they’re going to take a piece off the top for handling the sales of your product. But the publisher? Nope.

I structured my company to fill the gaps I saw firsthand were missing in the self-publishing world. My editing is done in the United States by people who speak English as their first language, and we read the books to look for errors – we don’t just rely on a spelling and grammar software program. We don’t force authors to write a certain way – we believe writing as an author is an art form! We work with authors – coaching them all the way through getting their book written and published. And marketing? Yep, we help you with that, too! Only, we keep it real and explain what it REALLY looks like to market books for sale.

Our goal is your success. Your happiness. We want you to find JOY in getting your book written and published. And we want you to receive ALL the credit you deserve!

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