It’s quite rare that someone hand-writes a book these days. Typing is so much faster, and much more efficient – why on earth would you pick up a pencil and a notebook?

You wouldn’t. Not to write an entire book, anyway. However, there ARE still times that good ol’ fashioned hand-writing can come in handy!

  1. Writer’s Block
  2. Noting Ideas/Thoughts

First, writer’s block. Having a notebook handy can really help to overcome writer’s block. Choose one with a cover that brings you joy. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or leather, or… you get the idea. Use this notebook to free write. You can journal, doodle, make lists, or just write random thoughts. The idea is to allow your creativity to flow. To step away from your book and give your brain a break. Literally step away from your book. Leave your regular writing space. Go walk or sit somewhere different. You may end up quite surprised at what happens!

Second, noting your ideas and thoughts. This should be a separate notebook, as well. As you are busily typing away, trying to meet deadlines to finish your book, you may get fantastic ideas for OTHER parts of your book. You just can’t shake them, so you’re tempted to stop where you are, and begin writing about this other idea. After all – it’s the best idea you’ve had YET for your book, and you certainly don’t want to lose it! I get it. But, I also get that a lot of people end up with a lot of stuff typed out…and they never get a completed book. Rather than chasing rabbits down holes, make a quick note in your notebook about your thought or idea – then get right back to typing away!

By doing just these 2 simple things, you will see your book getting finished faster than you expected, with much less frustration! Writing your book can and SHOULD be enjoyable!

~Keep Writing!

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