You have a wonderful idea for a book. You know you want to write it. You know you CAN write it.

So, what’s the problem?

Time. Where are you going to find the time to write? Do you really want to commit to a year or more – just on the writing process? You go through these questions, and decide – once again – that now just isn’t the right time. You’ll get to it when work isn’t as busy. Or when the kids are finished with the sport season. Or after the holidays.

What if I told you there is a way to organize your thoughts, and your book, that will allow you to write quickly and in less than one hour per day? I know – that sounds like some crazy (or lame) sales pitch. But, it’s not. This is something you can do by yourself.

Remember those outlines they made you do in school? First was brainstorming, then you had to build an outline. There were Roman numerals, letters, standard numbers – and it sometimes seemed endless. My process borrows from this idea, but works a little different.

How do you do it? Glad you asked. ­čÖé *disclaimer: this process works best for non-fiction

  1. Define your Main Topics. Typically, 4-5 Main Topics.
  2. Break each Main Topic down, into at least 4 Sub Topics. Do this for each Main Topic.
  3. Finally, break each Sub Topic down, into at least 3 Mini Topics. Do this for each Sub Topic.

That’s it! Now, you’re ready to write! How does this speed up your writing?

Each Mini Topic should be no less than 500 words; however, they typically end up closer to 1000 words. If you commit to completing just 1 Mini Topic per day, your book will be completely written in about 60 days. Of course, if you find yourself on a roll, with creativity just flowing, you may finish even sooner!

Even if you have already started writing, you can still create this process for yourself. Need help? Let me know! You can email me directly at:, or you can join my Author Lounge to ask your questions.

~Keep Writing!

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