Share and Share Alike!

Sharing and giving can be the easiest way to grow! When it comes to increasing your book sales, you can absolutely leverage the idea of sharing. We have already discussed following other bloggers and authors and liking their fan pages. Now, we can take it one step further!

Guest blogging and sharing posts are excellent ways to promote content and help each other along the way. As you begin following other authors, you will naturally find the ones who you connect with on a more personal level, and who you find yourself wanting to help. The same can be said for those whose fan pages you have liked.

People post on social media because they have something they are wanting the world to know about! Whether it’s an event, a book release, a cause they are helping – or any other number of things – they will always appreciate someone sharing their posts to help spread the word. The best way to have this wonderful free promotion happen for you, you need to become pro-active and find people to do this for. Once you have become engaged and find yourself sharing posts often for an author, feel free to reach out to them! Send a private message – or email if you have their email address – and let them know what big thing you have coming up. Ask them to be looking for it, and ask that they share it once it has been posted. Of course, you’ll want to send a friendly reminder once you actually post your content since not everyone is looking at social media 24/7 – they could easily miss it!

When it comes to guest blogging, you may want to be more selective. Begin by seeking out your favorite bloggers who have a higher number of followers. This doesn’t mean that those with fewer followers are of no help – heck, you may not have any followers, yet you’re going to be seeking cooperation from others. However, those with more followers will give you the broadest reach.

Guest blogging is another option that can most certainly be a 2-way street. If you are to guest blog for someone, then they will most likely ask you to create content based upon a certain topic or your expertise. Within your blog, you can then have your content information. One important tip to remember: Ask the blogger if it is ok to promote your website and/or book within the blog. Some are not fond of you taking people away from their site. If this is important to you, then you may not be a great fit for that type of blogger. That’s ok! Find one who is.

Now that you have written a blog post which will be posted on another blogger’s site, you will receive free promotion that goes beyond your own audience. This is where the growth comes in to play! Your blog will be read by an entirely new set of eyes, and shared with a completely new audience. From this, come more sales and opportunities.

On the flip side, you can seek out bloggers to be a guest blogger on your site. Going about this way, you will be looking for someone who can help lend credibility to what you have to offer – or to bring additional value to your readers. Often times, your guest blogger will write on a topic that is beyond your scope of expertise. How do you benefit? Well, you are giving new level of knowledge to your audience, and more than likely, your guest blogger will be sharing the post once it is out. Since the post is on your site, having it shared by the blogger will by default bring more traffic to your website. And guess what? Your website is one of the places your book can be purchased and where more people can learn about you, your events, etc.

You can now see how sharing posts and guest blogging can help you to increase your book sales!

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