6 Benefits of Connecting

A scarcity mentality is probably one of the best ways to ensure failure.

That sounds pretty glum, but it’s also very true. So many people, authors included, tend to hold their ideas close so as to hopefully edge out the competition. In fact, the opposite couldn’t be more true! Connecting with others who are in your field, can help you to grow exponentially! I promise, that even if you are absolutely brand new to being an author, you have something to offer even the most experienced. Whether it’s an idea, feedback, lessons you have learned – there is something in your arsenal that would be of benefit to someone else.

Surely, you have an idea of where I’m going with this, but I’ll get to the point: Connecting with other authors by following their blogs and liking the fan pages can boost YOUR sales! Why? Because giving breeds giving. It’s really that simple!

More often than not, if you “like” a fan page, that person will be more inclined to “like” back. With the way the online world works, this gives you a boost – helping your page to then be seen by exponentially more people. The more people who see your page, the more potential sales – or opportunities – you will have.

The same hold true for following blogs. Growing a following of your blog can be difficult! However, if you are following others, and sharing content created by others, you will see a growth of your own. While this is great, it’s only the beginning of what good can come!

What else can you experience by following fan pages and blogs of other authors? Here are just a few:

  1. Gaining “likes” on your own page.
  2. Increasing followers of your blog.
  3. Exponentially growing your reach.
  4. Learn from others experiences to save you time and heartache.
  5. Share your experiences to help others.
  6. Opportunities coming your way that you would have otherwise missed.

#6 on this list is a biggie! I know of a novice author who has been following several blogs in her niche. After a few months, she ended up featured on Today Show’s list of blogs to check out. Now, I don’t know the exact number of followers that the Today Show has, but I guarantee you the number isn’t small. That was 100% free advertising for her blog – where she happens to market her book.

Another author, who hasn’t even received her book from the publisher yet, “likes” various pages and learned of a special that Ellen DeGeneres is doing that aligns perfectly with this author’s niche. If other authors had not been willing to share this information, she would most likely had never learned of it.

Authors always want to sell more books – that’s usually the point of getting them published, right? But then get stuck figuring out how to do get those sales. Thinking outside the box, realizing that not every connection is going to be a sale but could lead to a fantastic opportunity, and being willing to help others will lead you to more sales every time.

Going back to niching… consider your niche, find 5-10 blogs and 5-10 fan pages to follow and “like”, and start engaging. I promise that if you are diligent in your efforts, and come from a place of giving, that you will begin to see wonderful things happening for you – including increased book sales!

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