The past 2 weeks, we have covered the importance of the name and niche of your social media pages as well has the 8 easy steps to setting up your Facebook page. This week, we will cover the actual design of your page.

Hopefully, in the past week, you have taken the time to set everything up, and have invited your friends and family to “like” and share your page to help it gain some energy. Granted, these are a sort of “pity” like, but for now, that’s ok! In the coming weeks, we will cover how to grow your fan base and using your page to boost your sales.

But, for now, let’s design both your profile and your author page!

First, your personal profile. You may be thinking this is a personal page, so why should you make any changes to it for the sake of your business page? Well, how many friends do you have on your personal page that may not be seeing your business/author page? By making just a couple of simple changes to your personal page, you can increase your visibility.

On your personal profile, you will only need to update the left hand column. It should look something like this:

fb profile

Your profile probably currently has all sorts of information in this section. Things such as where you went to school, etc. The people who know you are already aware of this information; and those who don’t know you – well, do they really NEED to know this information? Probably not. Would you agree that it’s more important for people to know about your business and your book than to know where you went to school?

Now, where you see the Creative Literary Consultants logo above – that is actually a photo, and it is clickable. When people click on the photo, they will see this:

fb ad

This will show up to the right of the photo after they click on it. This provides additional information, and will direct my “friend” to my business page. It is a completely free way to advertise your business/author page to your personal Facebook friends.

That’s it! Those are the only 2 changes that you should make to your personal profile. Now – on to your author page!

If you haven’t already done it, the first thing you must do is add a profile picture as well as a cover photo. I highly recommend your profile picture is of you as an author. A head-shot, a picture of you writing or in thought with pen and paper or at your keyboard, or even better – if you have done an event and have a picture which depicts you as an author, use it! Let your fans see who you are. Let them know you! If they know you, like you and trust you – they will buy from you.

For your cover photo, you may be inclined to make it a family picture, or some other type of picture that lets your fans into your ‘inner circle’. This isn’t the place for that! Instead, this is the perfect place to put a photo of your book cover(s). is an excellent resource for putting together your own photos. They even have “cover photo” as a selection to help you create a photo that will fit the requirements for a cover photo on Facebook.

The good thing about cover photos, is they can be changed at any time. Use this to your advantage! Have an event coming up for your books? Make a cover photo to help advertise it. But always have a photo of just your book(s) as well, so that once the event is over, you can change back to your book(s).

Nothing decreases credibility on your social media more than not keeping it updated. So, be sure that once an event is over, you have stopped promoting it.

The next series of articles will focus on actual posting on your business/author page. We will put emphasis on leveraging current events and trends to make sure you are keeping your page relevant. In the meantime, create a couple of posts about you as an author. Talk about your journey. Talk about your book(s). But, don’t just focus on you! Find some posts which are not at all about you and share them on your page. Humor tends to go a long way – humorous posts about what it’s like to be an author. If you have written a book that lends itself to a cause in anyway, then post about that cause. The point here, is to make sure you are not only posting about yourself and your book(s). People don’t want to be sold. A good rule of thumb, is to make 1 out of every 10 posts promotional in nature. Follow this rule, and you will have a better relationship with your fans.

If you have further questions about how to do any of the ideas mentioned in this post, please email me at Also be on the lookout for a class offered in March that will walk you through these steps in more detail. I look forward to helping you!

Keep writing ~

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