3 Ways to Stay Relevant with Your Book and Social Media

In the previous series of blog posts, we discussed simply how to set up a professional Facebook page for the purpose of marketing and promoting both yourself as an author and your book(s). In this 3 part series, we will discuss the importance of leveraging current event and trends – and how to incorporate your social media into this part of promotion for maximum impact.

When it comes to making posts on Social Media, it’s easy to fall into the death trap of absolute randomness. Is this a huge problem? Maybe not. However, if you are wanting to set yourself apart; if you are wanting to people to take notice; if you are wanting to be better!…then making your posts relevant can make a huge impact.

Think about current trends and events happening all around you. If you’re marketing local, do a few minutes of research to see what’s going on in your state or region and use it. If you’re marketing on a larger scale, then do some research on what’s happening nationally or even globally.

Take note of what people are talking about. On more social media sites, the people who operate behind the scenes will often promote different stories that are trending.

Here are 3 things to take into consideration when working to remain relevant:

  1. Consider your niche and/or genre. How can you use what is trending and make it relevant to what you have to offer? As an example, in an election year, you could very easily use politics. How you use it would depend upon your book, genre and niche – but regardless, you can use it. You can use humor, or you can keep it serious. You’ll want to think about your audience and what you are working to project to determine which direction would work best for you.
  2. What is your audience talking about? Why would your audience buy your book? What questions are they asking? What do they struggle with? What does your book solve for them? These are topics to consider when putting together a social media post. You’re making it directly about your audience, which in turn will keep them engaged.
  3. Remain Consistent. By being consistent, it will be much easier to remain current. Consistency, combined with relevancy, will build trust with your audience. Once they trust you, your audience will then feel safe to engage with you – commenting, liking, and sharing your posts. Once that starts to happen, they will also begin buying from you!

The point is to find a topic that everyone is talking about. Pull something from it, and create a social media post using it in order to make your post relevant. Have a favorite candidate? Or, a candidate you really dislike? What is something he/she has said recently that everyone is talking about? Now, think about your book. Consider a stance that the candidate has taken – how would that stance affect your book? Or would your book address that issue in SOME way? Maybe you have written a children’s book about getting along with others – using the debates between politicians could be a fun way to promote your book! “After last night’s debate, it seems even Candidate A and Candidate B could use the lessons taught in this children’s book about how to get along!”.

Get creative and have fun! This will work to catch the eye of your fans. It will generate conversation. A bonus of using humor in this method, is that humor is regularly shared on social media. What does this mean for you? It means FREE advertising! Hard to beat that!

Need more help? Want to learn strategies to make consistency with social media easier? Not sure what topics to search? Email me at: shannon@clcforauthors.com and I’ll be happy to help!

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