What's In a Name?

You have your book and now you’re ready to tell the world about it! Whether you’re just starting to write and sharing the entire journey; or you’re published and ready to market – you’ve decided that it’s time to set up your social media and begin growing your following. So, how do you get started?

For most people, just clicking the necessary links and filling in the information is easy enough. But is “enough” going to give you the edge you’re looking for?

When starting out on social media, you’re going to want to consider several things:

  • Naming and Niching
  • Setting up your page
  • Designing your page

For now, we are going to focus just on the Naming and Niching part of getting set up. Don’t worry – I’ll get to the other two later.

Naming your page is more important than you may realize. I’ve seen many authors set up a page that is solely dedicated to the book they just finished. They set up a Facebook page in hopes to gain fans for their book, thinking this will help with sales, and name the page the same as the title of their book. You may be wondering why this is not such a good idea. In fact, you may have done this yourself already and have seen some results. However, what happens when you write the next book? You guessed it! You have to set up another page, and so on. Eventually, this becomes too time consuming and you will stop giving your work the attention it deserves.

Instead, give your Facebook page YOUR name; as an author. For example, if I had a published book that I was going to promote on Facebook, my page would simply be Shannon Whittington – Author. This not only allows you to showcase any and all books you write and publish, but also allows you to be more personal and engaging with your fans as you can be more expansive than just posting about a single book.

You can also think about your book and the niche you fall into as a way to name your page. It is important to note that if you are an author who will be writing in different niches, then this is not going to be an optimal option for you – you’ll want to stick to using your name/author.

If your niche is unique, or clearly defined, then you can certainly use that to name your Facebook page as well. Be sure it is not so obscure that people are unsure of what you are representing. You want the name of your page to clearly represent what it is you have to offer.

One example of a common niche would be Wellness. Of course, you would still want to get creative – you wouldn’t want to name your page simply “Wellness”. But, incorporating your niche into the name of your Facebook page could help you grow your fan base faster.

Why would you choose to focus on your niche? Glad you asked! Typically, if you have a business which is related to your book, then niching becomes quite important. This works best for non-fiction, how-to, self-help type books. Fiction can be worked into this as well; it’s simply not as common.

You have now completed the first step to setting up your Facebook profile! Next, we will cover actually setting up the profile.

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