Resolutions. Goals. Fresh starts. New you! Whatever you call it, everyone always sees January as a time to start over. I’ve never really understood the urgency of January 1. I mean, each morning that you wake up, you have the opportunity to have a fresh start. Hell, every minute of each day you have that opportunity! But, the tradition is pretty solid, and so January it is for a new you – so, why not make it your best yet?

If you are going to set goals, set goals that you can truly achieve. This time, do it a little different – especially if nearly every November for the past however many years, you’ve sat back and felt disappointed that the year was nearly over and your list of goals that you wrote with so much excitement is sitting there in the corner collecting dust.

How can you do it differently, you ask? I have been taking notes from a few other successful people and have combined methods to put a process in place to help you have the most success possible! I go over this in more detail in a class titled Your Best Yet, which you can catch live on January 8th by registering HERE, or if you are a member of Brainstorming to Book Sales, you can find it in the Resources section of the site.

The basic idea, is to shorten your focus. Rather than making lofty year-long goals, break them down into 90 day increments. You will thereby make your goals more achievable and give yourself more momentum throughout the year. Not only that, but if you are reviewing your progress every 90 days, you also allow for adjustments without that nasty feeling of failure.

When setting your 90 day goals, consider the following:

  1. What is it you will accomplish?
  2. How will you accomplish it?
  3. What obstacles may stand in your way?
  4. What are your non-negotiables?

Finally, find a way to hold yourself accountable. Whether that’s by being part of a group that holds themselves to the same standards, asking a friend, or hiring a coach – just put something in place so you don’t get away with another mediocre year. Make 2016 YOUR BEST YET!

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