And the winner is… !!!

Last week I posted about a give-away. This week, the fun part of the give-away is that I get to announce the winner!

It never ceases to amaze me at how cynical people have become. How afraid they are to reach out for help – even when it’s offered for free. When writing a book – especially as a first time author – getting outside help from a professional is priceless!! Whether or not you implement the advice given, I can promise you this: At the very least, the advice will get you thinking. You’ll either implement the advice and be more confident in your material OR you’ll read the advice, look over your material and be even more convinced that it’s just a you want it (ahem…this equals more confidence as well!).

Thankfully, I had authors take me up on my offer! I wish I could help each and every one of you at no cost. I really do! Maybe if my husband becomes a millionaire someday, I’ll turn this into a hobby rather than a career and help everyone for fun! Oh to dream…

Being that isn’t currently the case, I will stick to “every so often” making the offer of giving my time for free.

So — the winner is Dana Michaels of Sacremento, CA! Dana has written a first novel and I LOVE the 20 words or less description: “Rich, famous,attractive, English man meets and pursues older, average, American, career woman who doesn’t take him seriously.” Based upon the other information provided by Dana, I am really looking forward to reading this story and doing all I can to help!

Congratulations, Dana!

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