Many self-publishers offer services beyond publishing. Services such as marketing typically include putting a website together, a book trailer, social media and maybe a press release or two. The cost of this varies…. What the publishers DON’T tell you, is that you can do all of these things yourself!

That’s right…for very little to NO cost, you can do all of that yourself. Most often, the services are limited to SETTING UP a website and social media…maintaining the sites, updating information, basically actually doing the work…still falls to the author. So, why pay to have this done, when you’re really going to be doing all the work yourself anyway?

It has been proven that book trailers do not work like they once did. With so many people either no longer watching TV, or using services that allow them to blow past commercials, where is the real value here? Sure, you’ll have bragging rights…but will you know exactly what channel and what time your commercial would air? Does the publisher even put the commercial on TV? Some are now only using social media. If you can hold a camera (even most phones!) and do a voice over…you can do your own trailer.

Press releases are another thing… these can be FANTASTIC!! But here is what most authors don’t understand: Press releases are never guaranteed! A press release is written and then sent blindly to multiple newspaper desks. It may or may not be seen…it may or may not be published. Again, like commercial trailers, it is very rare to know for certain which publications have accepted and chose to run the press release. Where’s the verification? Now, if you are to contact editors of specific publications and send something in for publication, that’s something different entirely! You have a contact, you have a publication date…you can verify that it is happening!

There are so many free services: Of course social media is free. But, so are websites! Weebly is one that comes to mind. Very easy to use, and there are free options.

There is so much more information like this! You don’t have to do it alone, but you also don’t have to rely on your publisher. Let you publisher stick to doing what they do best…PUBLISHING! As for the rest… either learn to do it yourself, or hire someone to help you to save time for yourself.

I will walk you through how to market your book(s), and what to look for in contracts, and help you save money. Because, quite honestly, you either don’t need it, or you can do it yourself for free!

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