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Listen in! We visit with authors, and those wishing to become authors, to get the story behind their story. On our podcast, we dive deep into purpose behind story sharing. For those looking to publish their first book, we also do live coaching to help them overcome fears and take that next step.

Brainstorming to Book Sales Podcast

What I do

I offer personalized services to get you from Brainstorming to Book Sales – no matter where you are in your writing journey…even if you haven’t started yet! I empower you to take the next step by offering coaching services to guide you through the process, reducing the overwhelm by doing some of the work for you, or teaching you how to do it yourself.

How I help

If I am coaching you, I will see to it that you finish your book by offering accountability. My team will work hard to make sure your book looks great once you have finished writing it. We will also get your book published and set up for distribution for you. Concerned about how to get book sales? We’ll coach you through that, too!


As a publisher, we’re different. We don’t just take your book and publish it. We work with you – we help you make your book great! We never take any royalties – you wrote it, it’s YOURS! All publishing accounts are set up in YOUR name, so you always have access to information like books sales and royalties. Our mission is to empower you as an author, period.


With the help of Shannon Whittington, I am now back in the book business! All seven of my books are available on Amazon!


After the formatting nightmares I went through, I do feel like my beautiful garden went amuck! Thanks to Shannon Whittington I will soon have my books up and running again.


Shannon is an incredible resource. Trying to self publish for almost 6 months, I had so many question marks looming. Within our first call she put so much of that at ease. She’s knowledgeable, honest and an amazing resource.


If you need help I very highly recommend Shannon Whittington. She made the process nearly painless for me.


I am just so happy! There were times when I thought “well, at least I’ll publish it. If one person reads it, I’ll be happy.” But it’s already done so much more. My dream is actually coming true. I can’t thank you enough.


Shannon more than exceeding my expectations. She went above and beyond to help me.


I would like to thank Shannon Whittington who has had to deal with my constant emails and questions. Her help has proved invaluable in aiding me to move forward.


Working with Shannon has been a dream! I was referred to her when I simply had an idea for a book. She assisted me with developing the mission for my book and critiqued each chapter as I wrote it. Shannon encouraged me, strengthened my writing, and supported me when I needed it most. In addition, she catered her marketing expertise to fit my desires. I am not a "lime-light" kind of person, and Shannon realized that and completely side-stepped her original plan for marketing my book. In the end, she encouraged me to donate a portion of the profits from book sales to a non-profit organization; the blog I started is a thank you to people in my life: both of these strategies helped me feel better about the marketing process.


Shannon Whittington is amazing to work with. She will help you every step of the way. Each of us has a story. I highly recommend her services to direct you in the steps of bringing life to your story and working toward publishing.


I’m so excited and inspired! She gave me guided homework, which caused me to really evaluate what I want and how it will be achieved. The process she uses is exceptional and has given me confidence and the ability to visualize my goals as more than distant dreams. It will be an epic year and I’m grateful to have chosen Shannon Whittington to kick me into gear, guide me and believe in me!


I would have stopped writing if not for your encouragement to write and your motivation to complete my book; Thanks for sharing great tools and helpful information!!!


I was able to become a published author with no prior experience… WOW!


Thank you Shannon! Thank you for all the literary coaching and advice! Keep it coming.


Services I offer

30 minute project review or consultation - $25.

This is YOUR time. Your time to get your questions answered, get input about how to move forward, get help making decisions about how to market your book, receive some coaching and accountability – whatever you need for whatever phase you are in!

One-on-One Coaching

Why would you need a writing coach? To stay motivated! A lot of people get published – even more never finish! As your coach, we will go deep to understand why you are writing, and exactly who you are writing for. If it helps, we will also develop an outline for you to follow and a schedule to be sure your book gets finished. Weekly calls will be scheduled to check in and help you over any writing blocks you may stumble upon. Our coaching program doesn’t just help you through the writing phase! We’re with you ALL the way – from Brainstorming to Book Sales! Editing, Formatting, Book Cover Design, Publishing and Marketing. Think of it as a full-service, one-stop shop to getting your book done!


Not getting the book sales you'd hoped for? This self-led course will give you 30 days of marketing ACTION steps to get sales happening with your book. Get the sales your book deserves!

A La Carte Options

Do you already feel pretty competent in getting your book done, but just find yourself needing help in 1 or 2 areas? We can help you! We offer done-for-you services in the following areas:

  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • Publishing


Our workshops are mainly offered in the Oklahoma City area once a month where we teach authors how to get started with their book. We also answer questions about all aspects of the author journey. Workshops are generally 2 hours in length.


Have a group you would like to inspire to write? Want to learn why Finding Your Why is imperative to your success? How about Why Your Story Matters? We’re happy to come speak to your group on these topics! Have another writing or publishing related topic you’d like for us to speak on? Let’s talk and see if CLC is the right fit!


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