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Whether you want to build your business, make a global impact, become an AmazonⓇ best-selling author or leave a legacy for future generations, we will help you navigate the publishing process with simplicity and ease.

Submit your manuscript and we will review it and let you know exactly how we can - or cannot - help you! If we are unable to help you, we will happily provide you with resources so you never feel alone.

At CLC Publishing, we are an author-friendly publisher. We never take royalties, nor do we push for exclusivity contracts. We believe whole-heartedly that YOU are the creator of your work, so YOU deserve the bounty of your efforts.

No more worrying about what to do, how to do it, or whether or not you are doing it correctly. We will guide you through the exact steps you need to take to write, publish, market, and sell your book!

What We Offer

Services to help EVERY author, from Brainstorming to Book Sales

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New Author Package

A full-service, ONE-STOP SHOP that combines all of our packages to help you go from start to finish.

From outline to finished product, we will hold you accountable to ensure your book gets written.

Once written, we take your book off your hands to take care of all the “techy” parts like editing, formatting, and publishing your book.

Before we even deliver the finished product, we will walk you through your marketing strategy for a successful book launch. Your book will be set to gain traction and build sales revenue.

Our authors are always offered a guest spot on our podcast if it is relevant and applicable to their situation!

With this all-inclusive package, you will receive everything you need to get your book off the ground and onto the world’s stage.

Established Authors

Already published? Not seeing the sales you would like? We offer marketing packages for authors to re-ignite their sales! From a full re-launch, to a simple consult to get a marketing plan in place, we are here to help you see the sales you deserve!

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A La Carte

Do you find yourself able to handle some aspects of becoming a published author, but just needing help with one or two things along the way?

CLC Publishing offers a la carte services just for you! Contact us for a free consultation. We will work with you where you are, and make sure you are taken care of!

No matter which of our services you need, we are here to help you!

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What clients say

"Working with CLC Publishing has been a dream! I was referred to them when I simply had an idea for a book. They assisted me with developing the mission for my book and critiqued each chapter as I wrote it. Shannon encouraged me, strengthened my writing, and supported me when I needed it most. In addition, my marketing plan was fit to my desires. I am not a "lime-light" kind of person. They realized that and completely side-stepped their original plan for marketing my book." -Ashley

"I would like to thank Shannon Whittington who has had to deal with my constant emails and questions. Her help has proved invaluable in aiding me to move forward." -Leighton

"CLC Publishing is amazing to work with. They will help you every step of the way. Each of us has a story. I highly recommend their services to direct you in the steps of bringing life to your story and working toward publishing." -Ramona

"Shannon is a fantastic editor, publisher, and accountability partner! She's helped me with several books now, we have another in the pipeline, and I plan on working with her for years into the future! She does a great job, and I've recommended her to many people. In fact, she even helped my mom finish and publish her book. If you think you have a book in you and are willing to invest in professional help, she's an awesome resource. Thanks, Shannon!"
"Shannon is an incredible resource. Trying to self publish for almost 6 months, I had so many question marks looming. Within our first call she put so much of that at ease. She’s knowledgeable, honest and an amazing resource." -Amy
"Shannon is such an amazing woman and person who does so much good in this hateful, sad world we live in." -Crystal
" 5 Stars
Shannon Whittington is a phenomenal woman! Not only did she take time out of her busy schedule today to educate and inspire me, a woman she’s never met, in my book launch but she did so with such kindness and gentleness (true fruits of the spirit). I don’t know how I could ever repay her. Thanks again!" -Trischane
"Creative Literary Consultants is so user-friendly! Shannon's encouragement and body of knowledge is extensive, and she makes writing and publishing a book seem much less daunting! If you have ever thought of writing a book, you should see how she can help you!" -Blythe
"I would have stopped writing if not for your encouragenent to write and your motivation to complete my book; Thanks for sharing great tools and helpful information!!!
5 stars" - Sid

"Shannon more than exceeding my expectations. She went above and beyond to help me." -Linda

"Shannon has made quite the impact on the ex-Tate authors' community. She's been a blessing to many.
5 stars" -Wynne
"CLC Publishing, LLC is a great company to publish and market your book! They strive on helping authors achieve their goals. I definitely recommend them! Shannon is the best! Her support, knowledge and thoroughness on notes really made it easy for me to follow. And I will be partnering with her again this year! Thank you so much for all of your guidance Shannon!" -Brooke
"I love Shannon and her team. CLC publishing helped with the entire process of writing my book. From the brainstorming to final edits and publishing it, I couldn't be more grateful. If you're an aspiring author, get in touch with CLC publishing as soon as possible and make your dream a reality." -Erin

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Our network reaches over 1 million people each month! As an author, this is an excellent opportunity to market your book.

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Our Story

Why We Do What We Do

Established in 2015, CLC Publishing was created from the lens of high ethics and moral values to give new authors a safe place to create and develop their story without compromising their art.

It all started when CLC’s founder, Shannon Whittington, entered the publishing industry in 2008 as an acquisitions editor for a hybrid publishing company. She loved connecting and building relationships with the authors because she could see the drive and passion they all had for their stories.

The authors she befriended started to confide in her, confessing that they had received little to no help from the publishing company when it came to publishing and marketing their books. Shannon could clearly see how much the authors desired for more guidance and more involvement in the publishing process. She decided to resign from her job and founded CLC Publishing, with the intention of giving authors all the help they need.

Shannon soon came into contact with numerous authors whose books had become “orphaned” on Amazon after publishing with companies that had shut down, or gone out of business. These authors had no choice but to find a way to republish their books and did not know where to start.

Some of the authors approached Shannon to see if she could rectify the situation. After she successfully republished their books through the self-publishing process, word spread like wildfire to other authors who had found themselves in similar situations.

CLC Publishing has now helped over 100 new authors to publish or republish their books, with quite a few rising to the top of the bestsellers’ and Top New Release lists.

CLC Publishing is all about transparency, cooperative teamwork, and doing everything we can to help you tell your story the way you want to. We will show you how to publish your book, prepare you for a successful book launch, and get you ready for incoming sales. Think of us as your editors, publishers, and marketing consultants all-in-one.

Your book is all about you and your story. Not about us. That's why we will hold your hand through the publishing process without ever taking royalties. As an author, you will always maintain creative freedom and control of your own work so you can tell your story the way it's meant to be told.

Are you ready to talk about your manuscript? Click SUBMIT below and let us take a look.

About Us

Meet Our Staff

Shannon Whittington

Shannon Whittington

Owner, CEO

Shannon is married to the love of her life and mom to two children and way too many pets! After working as an acquisitions editor for several years, she decided it was time to do things differently. With the support of her husband, she started CLC Publishing, LLC in 2015 as a solo-preneur. She never imagined the growth that would come, and the number of authors she would help! When she isn't busy helping people believe in their stories, she's doing crafts, getting outside with her family, or reading her next favorite book!

Kaci Ogan

Kaci Ogan

Social Media Manager

Kaci is married to her best friend, mom to two incredible tiny humans, and lover of the little things in life. She is an avid reader with a love for all things literature. She has a passion for books and has always had an affinity for writing. She is very excited to be part of the CLC Publishing team! Most of her days are spent chasing her kids around with coffee in one hand and them in the other. When she's not chasing her kids, you can find her with her nose in a book or working on some other project. She's proud to call Oklahoma her home and loves getting to enjoy the outdoors where we have every season; sometimes all in the same week! She has a knack for technology and social media, and uses it to help others grow their business, brand themselves, and market their work!

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