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Whether you want to build your business, make a global impact, become an AmazonⓇ best-selling author or leave a legacy for future generations, we will help you navigate the self-publishing process with simplicity and ease.


No more worrying about what to do, how to do it, or whether or not you are doing it correctly. We will guide you through the exact steps you need to take to write, publish, market and sell your book!

We will help you go from Brainstorming to Book Sales!

We care about you and your story.

We are a full-service publishing company with a mission to help heart-centered authors self-publish their books so they can tell their stories and fulfill their dreams of becoming successful authors. 

We bring you the best of everything to help you get your book published and marketed. Our proprietary process combines the creative freedom and affordability of self-publishing with the nurture and guidance of traditional and hybrid publishing.  We self-publish FOR our authors.

We take care of the tech, take no royalties, and don’t push for contracts for exclusivity rights.

This means once the book is published, our authors are free to do as they please with their books. Our authors have full creative license and have full ownership and rights of their books. 

Your story is important and close to your heart. We want you to have the freedom to tell it in your own way.

That is why we do everything in our power to maintain the integrity of your art and make the self-publishing process as simple as possible. Our hands-on approach is designed to give all of our authors exactly what they need to publish and sell their books.

Our services span from brainstorming to publishing and all the way to marketing and selling your book! We get rid of the guesswork so you can have a direct path to realize your dream. 

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The Books with Purpose podcast showcases authors. We have fun and engaging conversations about the story behind the story, and really focus on getting to know the authors on our show.

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Many of our authors have gone on to produce meaningful works of fiction and non-fiction books and become bestsellers. Since publishing their stories, they have experienced life-changing benefits such as:  

  • Personal growth and healing
  • Fulfillment of their dreams
  • Professional credibility as experts in their niches, genres or industries for speaking opportunities
  • Clarity when it comes to the core of their marketing content (for business owners and entrepreneurs)


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The right publishing option comes down to creative freedom, financial feasibility and what guidance would the author have access to during the publishing process.

There are three main types of publishing: Traditional, Hybrid and Self-Publishing

With Traditional Publishing, authors can enjoy the publishers’ big connections to big-name bookstores (e.g. Barnes & Noble). However, the agreements between the author and the publishing company are on the restrictive side. The publishing company often has the final say in all decisions such as the creative direction of the project, the cover design, and the fee structures (e.g. what the authors must do to repay any advance offered, how much money the author is entitled to from book sales, etc). Depending on the situation, the publisher may or may not help the author to market and sell his/her book. 

Hybrid publishing is essentially “done-for-you” self-publishing. Authors can hand over their materials to these publishers and their material will go through the proper channels to self-publish without as many restrictions as Traditional Publishing. However, authors need to be aware of the royalties due to the distributor and the publisher before the author can take his/her cut of book sales. The author may or may not receive instruction as to how to set up and organize book signings and marketing opportunities. The author still has very little control over such things as editing and cover design.  

Self-publishing is the most affordable option where authors get to be completely in control. They still need to pay a publisher and a distributor (either directly, or through royalties), but they are always in charge of their books and are free to choose what they want to do with money generated from book sales. Self-published authors even have the option of republishing their books with traditional publishers later down the road if they wish to. However, the authors are left to navigate the publishing process on their own and are solely responsible for promoting and selling their books.  

At CLC Publishing, we offer the best of all three worlds. We take zero royalties, our authors retain 100% of their rights to their work, and we offer a  nurturing approach so our authors can get the help they need. Our process is all-inclusive with “done-for-you” and “done-with-you” services, designed to give our authors everything they need to save the time and the energy they would have spent trying to figure everything out on their own. Our services include brainstorming, writing/editing, coaching and accountability, formatting, publishing and marketing. 

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What Our Clients Have To Say

I am just so happy! There were times when I thought “well, at least I’ll publish it. If one person reads it, I’ll be happy.” But it’s already done so much more. My dream is actually coming true. I can’t thank you enough.


Shannon Whittington is amazing to work with. She will help you every step of the way. Each of us has a story. I highly recommend her services to direct you in the steps of bringing life to your story and working toward publishing.


I was able to become a published author with no prior experience… WOW!


Thank you Shannon! Thank you for all the literary coaching and advice! Keep it coming.


Working with Shannon has been a dream! I was referred to her when I simply had an idea for a book. She assisted me with developing the mission for my book and critiqued each chapter as I wrote it. Shannon encouraged me, strengthened my writing, and supported me when I needed it most. In addition, she catered her marketing expertise to fit my desires. I am not a "lime-light" kind of person, and Shannon realized that and completely side-stepped her original plan for marketing my book. In the end, she encouraged me to donate a portion of the profits from book sales to a non-profit organization; the blog I started is a thank you to people in my life: both of these strategies helped me feel better about the marketing process.


After the formatting nightmares I went through, I do feel like my beautiful garden went amuck! Thanks to Shannon Whittington I will soon have my books up and running again.


I would like to thank Shannon Whittington who has had to deal with my constant emails and questions. Her help has proved invaluable in aiding me to move forward.


With the help of Shannon Whittington, I am now back in the book business! All seven of my books are available on Amazon!


I would have stopped writing if not for your encouragement to write and your motivation to complete my book; Thanks for sharing great tools and helpful information!!!


Shannon more than exceeding my expectations. She went above and beyond to help me.


If you need help I very highly recommend Shannon Whittington. She made the process nearly painless for me.


Shannon is an incredible resource. Trying to self publish for almost 6 months, I had so many question marks looming. Within our first call she put so much of that at ease. She’s knowledgeable, honest and an amazing resource.


I’m so excited and inspired! She gave me guided homework, which caused me to really evaluate what I want and how it will be achieved. The process she uses is exceptional and has given me confidence and the ability to visualize my goals as more than distant dreams. It will be an epic year and I’m grateful to have chosen Shannon Whittington to kick me into gear, guide me and believe in me!




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We offer you everything you need to self-publish and successfully market your book. From start to finish, we take you from brainstorming to book sales. Leave all of the technical know-how to us so you can save time, energy, and headaches.


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Listen in! We visit with authors, and those wishing to become authors, to get the story behind their story. All CLC Publishing authors are offered a feature on our show. 


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Coming soon! Our upcoming self-study course will give you the exact steps you need to take to generate more sales for your book. 


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